Inkubator Art Gallery

Inkubator Art Gallery Artists and Volunteers

Inkubator Art Gallery Artists and Volunteers


A cooperative of local Artists, Photographer and sculptors.

Artwork at the gallery is for sale and all sales go to that artist. No commission is taken.

The Inkubator Art Gallery is located at 5111 Northland Dr NW Calgary, in Northland Mall.

The Inkubator Art Gallery is a place to encourage and help Artists in the community to grow. The art gallery is a place to hang and sell artwork, meet art lovers and network with other artists. It is also a space for artists to hold workshops and classes.

All members participate in the gallery and support each other. We also actively share artists artwork online through Facebook and Instagram.

What it Means to be an Artist at the Inkubator Art Gallery

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  • No Commissions

  • Be a part of the community

  • Online Promotion

  • Support to hold and promote workshops

Are you interested in becoming an artist at the Inkubator Art Gallery?

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