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Living in Your Gift and the Sharing Economy

  • The inkUbator - Northland Village Mall 5111 Northland Dr NW #440 Calgary Canada (map)

Let’s face it, careers and 9-5’s are on their way out. Your heart yearns for something different; a freedom rarely afforded in the default race of barely making ends meet. You want to change course and bring your passions to life, but how? How do we create a life where our time is our own, our work is our deepest gift, and our service to others is simply what we love?

Join Skye in circle as we explore how to make the transition into thriving through our creative gifts by exposing our obstacles and unearthing our hidden opportunities. We will create maps, share stories, and offer practical tools and techniques for people at all stages of this epic journey of rediscovering your heart’s excitement and doing what you love.

All you need to bring is an open heart and a curious mind. Do we dare to dream of a world where work and play become one in the same?

This workshop is offered with flexible reciprocation (options to donate or to give $15 with a $15 post-workshop rebate if needed).


You are also invited to enjoy the "Whispers of the Woods" Earth Art exhibit or to stay for the Gift Circle scheduled at 3:30pm as part of the exhibit weekend.

Facilitator's Bio:

Skye is an avid nature artist, author and storyteller, creative communitarian, and workshop facilitator. His mission to reconnect people to their love of nature through creativity, imagination, and play, guides his actions each day as he aims to empower people in their lives and inspire others to follow their dreams.

With the foundation of a business degree from the University of Calgary in 2012, Skye left the realm of steady employment and set out to craft a life of service and artistic expression on his own terms. Authoring four books, writing over one hundred blogs, creating dozens of nature art pieces, starting multiple social enterprises, hosting multidisciplinary community building and educational events, and traveling the world are just some of the fruits of his gifts.

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